About the Artist

Alfreda Lanoix

Alfreda Lanoix is a Black, Queer artist based in Los Angeles, CA. She specializes in abstract art that derives from life experience. Her work embraces a duality of love, spirituality, trauma and healing.

Painting has become a refuge for Alfreda, who is 64 years old. When speaking on her work Alfreda has said “My art is so full of the riches I’ve lived, the pain I’ve endured and the JOY I’ve experienced. My art is healing and holding space for others to heal. I am driven by the all-ness of love. My Art has felt racism, it’s raw, yet beautiful. Life is beautifully beautiful in spite of, my art is a reminder of that.”

While some pieces tackle some complex topics, the intent is for art to give way to reflection and peace. There’s an energy in Alfreda’s work that’s rich and emotive. She hopes you find delight in the work and form your our connections and interpretations.

Alfreda has been a constant supporter and advocate to her community. She currently serves as the founder for Love at Work. She’s also served various positions to counsel others.

Past to Present

Life Events

Achievements and highlights from Alfreda's past as an minister and advocate. Love @ Work is an ongoing project and her book, 'Go to Hell' is available for purchase (on Kindle).


Rose Bowl

Alfreda Lanoix made history across the globe by officiating the first same-sex marriage at The 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade which was witnessed by over 800,000 people locally and viewed by over 80 million people globally.
Nominated for Outstanding Literary Work

EOTM Awards

Opened Love at Work: The Exchange Spiritual Center in Inglewood, CA

Love at Work

Authored by Alfreda

Go to Hell

Pastor of Unity Fellowship Church


Ordained as a Lesbian Minister


From the moment I saw your very first painting, I knew it was more than just a phase. Your paint strokes & pours literally stopped me in my tracks.... I love how you labor with each and every one... there's so much love and life poured into everything that you do Rev. Alfreda, I'm so fortunate to experience another level of your creative process. I knew it would be another way you'd touch the lives of many. The HeARTist Way.


When I first laid eyes on this beauty which I call “Becoming” I had the most intense connection with it. I instantly saw a dog standing up with broken lines in between; specifically a pug. That for me represents the toxic, abusive life I was given by the two people that were supposed to protect and love me. The lines represent the brokenness I obliviously Iived with, almost my entire life along with the betrayal, lies,and everything else you can think off. I then saw the environment of the dog which represents the universe. Above the dog head there’s like a force that has the shape of a tornado as if the universe is slowly but surely lifting me up, showing me the way to healing. This piece of art constantly reminds me of how far I have come. It also reassured me where I’m going. Thank you Rev. Alfreda Lanoix for allowing your art to be a part of my healing process.


There are some people who have God-given skills. They excel at their craft despite having no formal training or education. There is a word to describe these individuals – prodigy. That is the word that best describes Rev. Alfreda Lanoix. Her story is an inspiration to me. She heard the calling from the Universe to pick up a brush and paint, and that is what she did. The result are these exquisite masterpieces that will take your breath away. I am so grateful that Rev. Freda shared three of her creations with me. These beautiful pieces spoke to me at first sight, and I knew that I had to have them. I am so proud of Rev. Freda for discovering this gift that was hidden inside of her for so many years. Her work brings beauty and light to a world that so desperately needs both.

Peter Cruz V

I am so excited to have received FOUR original paintings from Alfreda Lanoix! Alfreda is an incredible Abstract Artist. Her "flowing blue flowers," piece brings joy and life into my office space. I am planning a much larger purchase! Thank you Alfreda Lanoix!

Buyer from Seattle

I can’t even begin to express the magic of your art. I felt total support from [the] painting. Thank you soooo much. I know your soul does these paintings.

Rev. Patti

What can I say? How beautiful, it is Fabulous!!! The bright green background color is everything. It was Love at first sight ❤

Ms Effie

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